What We do:

Community Development

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit broker/lender, our mission is to lend comprehensive support to sustainable development projects and social enterprise.


A Conduit for Community Investing

Our core mission is to create more opportunities for locals to invest in their own communities. We believe that the financial industry is in desperate need of local innovation. Many of the decisions we make about how we build our homes, businesses, and communities are subject to underwriters, financial advisors, and venture capitalists who, to often, are not connected to the people living and working in these communities.

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Rebuild Mark West

The Mark West Community Preschool rebuild has a mission to not only restore what once was, but to also “be an example of what high quality early childhood education should be.” They are including all of the components in their rebuild to “send a message to our community that children are valued and important.” California Community Lender Inc. is providing ongoing support and technical assistance throughout the preschool’s financing and reconstruction process.

Bright Village Project

Under the guidance of the Seigler Springs Community Redevelopment Association (SSCRA), the Bright Village project has been initiated by a group of survivors of the 2015 Valley Fire, which destroyed a total of 1300 homes in Lake County. California Community Lender Inc. is collaborating with SSCRA to organize long-term and affordable financing for the community development project.


September 2018

“People can make investments to the fund and have a local impact. It’s specifically for situations like ours, where we would have had troubles getting a traditional loan.”

- Renee Whitlock-Hemsouvanh / Read Full Article



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Please reach out to our founding team if you would like to know more about California Community Lender Inc., its mission, and its current projects.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, California Community Lender is designed to be self-financing; using 100% of donations to finance affordable housing, sustainable (re)development, and social enterprise.

Accredited investors seeking mission-driven projects for investment can submit the questionnaire to schedule an appointment and receive a detailed prospectus