California Community Lender Inc. was created because the financial industry is in desperate need of local innovation. Many of the decisions we make about how we build our homes, businesses, and communities are made by underwriters and financial advisors who don't represent the people living and working in those communities. Instead, they often represent global speculators and multinational interests that "bail" (leaving locals holding the bag) if they are not maximizing profits at all costs.

That’s why local communities need more opportunities and resources to invest in their local economies. Local businesses and investors are more committed to the people and places they do business in. They are more likely to see and experience the impact of their contributions, investments, and entrepreneurial efforts. Plus, they are more likely to stick it out through challenging times; feeding the business and community they live and work in.


California Community Lender Inc. (CCL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and organized to finance affordable housing, sustainable development, and local enterprise.


We are accepting investments, grants, and donations for a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) to (1) increase the supply of affordable housing, (2) capitalize and expand the construction industry's operational capacity, (3) finance the reconstruction of communities impacted by natural disasters, (4) operate as a renewable, long-term, and public asset, and (5) generate social and financial returns for local economies. 


Alongside the RLF, we are developing replicable financing programs for sustainable development and the redevelopment communities, entities, or individuals who have been displaced or materially impacted by a natural disaster.