What We do:

Community Development

We support local communities through the financing and construction of affordable housing, community facilities, sustainable development, and social enterprise.


A Conduit for Community Investing

Our mission is to create more opportunity for locals to invest in their own communities. We believe that the financial industry is in desperate need of local innovation. Many of the decisions we make about how we build our homes, businesses, and communities are made by underwriters and financial advisors who don't represent the people living or working in those communities.

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Loan Fund

Through California Community Lender’s Loan Fund, anyone can invest directly in projects and causes that are held close to their homes and hearts 


Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Developers are tasked with building thousands of homes over the next decade to keep pace with their growing waitlists. Our job is to help them organize financing so these developers can focus on the most critical part of their work - which is building homes and communities.

Sustainable Development

All development projects have profound impacts on the health of the communities, economies, and environments that interact with them. And with Climate change mounting greater pressure on our aging buildings, cities, and infrastructure, we must rethink mainstream lending and insurance guidelines that neglect long-term savings from intelligent planning and sustainable design.

Community Facilities

Young families, seniors, and low-income individuals are struggling with additional living costs such as healthcare, childcare, and utilities. Even more, community facilities play critical roles during times of emergency or need. Our job is to connect impact investment to local schools, hospitals, green projects, and more.

Disater Recovery

On October 8th, 2017, Nineteen Fires in Northern California, consumed more than 245,000 acres, killing 45 people in its path. These fires tallied over $10B when it damaged or destroyed over 20,000 homes, 700 businesses, and 3,600 vehicles. Most that were affected are underinsured and lack access to conventional construction financing because of regulatory burdens and rigid guidelines.


Our Programs

Rebuild our community

California Community Lender Inc. is collaborating with a group of green building professionals who are developing “sustainable designs,” which can be offered to disaster affected communities at a significant discount. This program will offer an alternative for survivors with few options while promoting sustainable development;

  1. providing specialized financing and underwriting;

  2. offering low-cost/high quality “sustainable designs” curated by local green building professionals;

  3. connecting projects to capable builders and investors;

  4. and facilitating disaster recovery funding.

Concepts Supplied by Levy Design Partners Inc.

Concepts Supplied by Levy Design Partners Inc.

Rebuild Mark West

The Mark West Community Preschool rebuild has a mission to not only restore what once was, but to also “be an example of what high quality early childhood education should be.” They are including all of the components in their rebuild to “send a message to our community that children are valued and important.”

Bright Village Project

The Bright Village project has been initiated by a group of survivors of the 2015 Valley Fire, which destroyed a total of 1300 homes in Lake County.

Sustainable Designs with Accessory Dwelling Units

Designs that incorporate newer technologies such as renewable energy, accessory dwelling units (or “granny units”) that will benefit from long-term savings, the ability to generate income, and/or respond to changing family needs.


September 2018

“People can make investments to the fund and have a local impact. It’s specifically for situations like ours, where we would have had troubles getting a traditional loan.”

- Renee Whitlock-Hemsouvanh / Read Full Article



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Please reach out to our founding team if you would like to know more about California Community Lender Inc., its mission, and its current projects.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, California Community Lender is designed to be self-financing; using 100% of donations to finance affordable housing, sustainable (re)development, and social enterprise.

Accredited investors seeking mission-driven projects for investment can submit the questionnaire to schedule an appointment and receive a detailed prospectus