ADU Program

Due to recent changes in State and Local Legislation, Californians can look to “Accessory Dwelling Units” as a way to develop attractive, affordable, and sustainable housing in response to the Statewide Housing Crisis.

ARe you a renter?

Are you Searching for an affordable and attractive Rental Unit?

  • One bedroom and studio apartments in desirable neighborhoods with access to public transit

  • Rents are calculated using the State/Local income limits for households at 120% AMI or under.

  • The ADUs are designed to be attractive and include brand new furnishings and appliances

Complete the Renter Pre-qualification Questionnaire below to secure a spot on our ADU rental waitlist.

Note: those affected by recent fires (directly or indirectly) can visit the ROC Resource Center for additional resource from participating organizations

Are you a property owner?

Do you have an unused bedroom or Garage we can convert into housing!?

Lease unused garages and/or rooms to California Community Lender for 30% of the rent we generate after completion.

Get an income producing ADU constructed on your property at no cost or burden to you.

Tenants are vetted by California Community Lender for your final approval

Lease terms vary between 10 to 25 years with a buyout clause.

Complete the Property Owner Pre-qualification Questionnaire to speak to a Development Finance Team Member about your property’s ADU potential.


Rebuild Our Community (ROC)

Have you been affected directly or indirectly by recent Disasters? — you may be eligible for additional resources

California Community Lender Inc. is collaborating with the organizations of the Rebuilding Our Community Sonoma-County to pool local housing resources for the case/clients presented to the Housing and Construction Committee. If you were a renter, homeowner, or in any other way affected by recent fires, then please look through their resources to see if you are eligible for additional help.




California Community Lender Inc. (“CCL”) will handle the design, construction, permitting, financing, and property management of your ADU rental unit.

What are the benefits of an accessory dwelling unit?

It a WIN-WIN-WIN for homeowners, tenants, and neighborhoods. Accessory Dwelling Units function as a classical form of insurance against foreclosure and can provide substantial monthly income. Moreover, they can offer additional living space for families and multigenerational living. Finally, they can provide housing that is ACTUALLY affordable in the midst of a severe housing crisis.

IS an ADU feasible in/on my home/property?

Very likely - California Legislature passed a series of laws that enable development Accessory Dwelling Units (“ADUs”) in the homes, garages, and backyards of existing single family homes regardless of zoning. Local zoning should not affect the feasibility of building an ADU within the footprint of existing structures. In most cases, especially near public transit, we can convert your garage to a new, high quality living space.

WHAT’S THE COST for the ADU conversion?

NOTHING comes out of your pocket - California Community Lender will lease your extra room and/or garage, then provide 100% of the capital needed for the property’s improvements as well as the construction of the Accessory Dwelling Unit(s).

What are the steps toward a finished/leased ADU?

STEP 1 - Complete the Property Owner Questionnaire so we can do preliminary research before scheduling a site visit/30-minute consultation. During the site visit, our team will take measurements and answer any questions you might have about the process. If you are feel ready, then we will send you the lease agreement to review before scheduling the signing.

STEP 2 - During the followup meeting, a member of our Development Finance Team will review the entire development process as well as the terms of the lease agreement. In short, you are agreeing to lease your spare bedroom and/or garage to California Community Lender for at least 10 years. Then, we will build, sublease, and pay you 30% of the rental income we earn from the ADU. Once the terms of the lease are satisfied, you keep 100% of the equity and profits generated from the capital improvements.

If you wish to terminate/exit the agreement before the termination date, then you can pay a one time fee of an amount equal (=) to the monthly rent times (x) the number of periods left on the lease agreement - which is approximately the cost of planning, developing, and managing the ADUs capital improvements.

STEP 3 - After signing the lease, you will need to clear out the garage while California Community Lender works to finalize the designs, permitting, and construction of the ADU. Then construction of the ADU begins! Note: Permitting can take between to 6-to-12 weeks depending on the scope of the project.

STEP 4 - CCL will provide qualified tenants. Perhaps you already have a friend or family member in mind? - or already living with you? Have them complete the Renter Questionnaire to see if they meet the program’s qualifications.

STEP 5 - ADU completion, subleases, and tenant move in. Once the ADU is complete, we will handle everything from logistics, property management company, and collecting/distributing payments.

What are the terms of the lease?

Lease Terms w/Buyout are at least 10 years and you are able to terminate the agreement at anytime via a buyout clause. The early termination fee is equal (=) to the monthly rent times (x) the number of periods left on the lease agreement - which is approximately the cost of planning, developing, and managing the ADUs capital improvements. Once the terms of the agreement are satisfied, then you get full ownership of the ADU and 100% of the rental income it generates from thereon out.

Rental Share is 30% of the gross monthly rents collected by CCL as outlined in the chart below. After you get your 30%, we will need to repay our debts, cover property management fees, and what is leftover goes toward supporting CCL’s programs and revolving

Note: These terms and figures should vary depending on the cost of capital, the terms of the lease, and/or the ADU development cost.

Note: These terms and figures should vary depending on the cost of capital, the terms of the lease, and/or the ADU development cost.

NOTE: Properties that are NOT owner-occupied are restricted to rental income restricted to 80% AMI - refer to local income limits

How are my property Taxes and insurance Affected?

You should speak to your insurance company to let them know that you are considering an ADU/garage conversion and that there will be a tenant living on the property. Every case is different, but your premium shouldn’t increase much.

Adjustment in property taxes will be minimal as well and will only factor in the value of the addition. Again, every case is different, but property taxes shouldn’t increase much.