California Community Lender’s

Loan Fund  


The North Bay region has a shortage of investment mechanisms and nonprofit intermediaries such as a Revolving Loan Fund, This means that philanthropic investors/institutions are only able to donate, not invest, towards mission driven projects and social impact.

Thats why California Community Lender Inc. has created a Revolving Loan Fund to organize specialized financing for affordable housing, community facilities (schools, libraries, hospitals, etc.), sustainable development projects (multi-family and “green”), and communities rebuilding from natural disasters. The Revolving Loan Fund will serve as an essential conduit that can leverage, coordinate, and deploy disaster recovery funds and CRA funds (Community Reinvestment Act), allowing impact investors to invest alongside donations and grants for practical financial and social returns. In addition, it will convert public grant and donation funding into a long-term, renewable asset that can be reinvested perpetually back into the local economy. We aim to develop a replicable business model that can be employed by other communities affected by climate change and natural disasters.