Loan Products

We approach each loan application based on its potential for community impact. Through our loans, we aim to expand and improve the affordable housing stock, strengthen community services and facilities, stabilize and revitalize neighborhoods affected by natural disasters, and foster local economic sustainability and resiliency.


Eligible Borrowers

Small Businesses in California (1 to 750 Employees)

Nonprofit Organizations

Affordable Housing Developers

Disaster-Affected Individuals, Entities, or Communities


Loan Types

Working Capital

  • Revolving Lines of Credit

  • Term Loans

  • Equipment Loans

Real estate

  • Acquisition (Land or Buildings)

  • Predevelopment

  • Construction (Reconstruction)

  • Renovation

  • Tenant Improvements

  • Refinance

  • Mini-Perms

  • Bridge Loans

  • Gap (Subordinate) Financing


Typical Terms

Term Loans: Up to 10 Years

Lines of Credit: 12 months (revolving)

Interest Rate: Real Estate: ~6% | Working Capital: ~8%

Loan Fees: 2%, including application, commitment, and closing

Subordination: Available on a case-by-case basis