Our Mission

Our mission is to create more opportunity for locals to invest in their own communities. We believe that the financial industry is in desperate need of local, grassroots innovation. Many of the decisions we make about how we build our homes, businesses, and communities are made top-down, by investors, underwriters, and financial advisors who don't represent the people living or working in those communities.

That’s why locals need more opportunities and resources to invest in their local economies. Local businesses and investors are more connected and committed to the communities they do business/invest in. They are more likely to see and experience the impact of their contributions, investments, and entrepreneurial efforts. They are also more likely to stay dedicated through challenging times; supporting the businesses and communities they live and work in.


Helping Communities Rebuild

Since the 2017 NorCal Firestorms, CCL’s team of development finance professionals has been working to organize offerings for community stakeholders and mission-driven investors that support targeted community redevelopment projects.