Loan Fund Overview

As a CDFI, California Community Lender is working to provide gap-financing designed to bridge the gap not covered by conventional financial products from regulated institutions because of risk criteria that they must consider, such as credit-score, income, and/or financial position. Furthermore, we are will provide business loans and working capital for contractors, suppliers, and others in the construction industry. This unique position allows CCL to coordinate, leverage, and deploy disaster-recovery funds, green incentives, and other supporting programs.


Business Loans

Small-business are generally much more committed to the people they do business with and places they do business in. More than that, small builders are responsible for much of the building that takes place nationally – in fact, it’s common for larger developers to hire local builders to manage their construction projects. By supporting small-to-medium scale operations, we can support the local economy and build capacity over time.



Residents trying to rebuild in disaster-affected areas are facing construction costs exceeding the original market value.  This barrier could prevent many from gaining access to the additional financing require.  The answer will be loans, funded from public sources, that can fill the gap left by conventional financial institutions.