Rebuild Our Community Program

a non-profit hub and community rebuild process

The Rebuild Our Community Program is a rebuild hub providing an alternative to conventional development. This program is available to those who have limited options or prefer a community rebuild process. Our mission is to rebuild an attractive, livable neighborhood. At the same time, it’s vital that we address sustainability and resiliency; rebuilding a in a way that maximizes the long-term savings and safeguards against the very real threats of climate change. 


Appropriate staff will be able to assist with applications for loans, grants, and other related programs. Broker services will be accessible to fire-affected homeowners for transferring ownership and/or switching lots to community-rebuild areas.   Moreover, CCL will originate and underwrite gap, small-business, and construction loans.


The sustainable designs will be compiled from a variety of local architects, engineers, and designers.  These designs will incorporate a variety of environmental solutions/finishes, they will be pre-priced by a collective of contractors, and offered to the public at little to no cost.


We will be assisting homeowners with connecting to builders who are committed to a community rebuild process. We will enroll contractors and form a council, which will price the designs and guide participating contractors throughout the construction process.  Furthermore, the ROC steering-committee and contractor council will coordinate bulk purchasing and workforce development programs wherever possible.