Rebuild Our Community

On October 8th, 2017, nineteen fires in Northern California consumed more than 245,000 acres, killing 45 people.  These wildfires cost the region over $10B when it damaged or destroyed over 20,000 homes, 700 businesses, and 3,600 vehicles. 


California Community Lender Inc. is collaborating with a group of green building professionals who are developing “sustainable designs,” which can be offered to fire survivors at a significant discount.  This program will offer an alternative for survivors with few options while promoting sustainable development;

  1. providing specialized financing and underwriting,

  2. offering low-cost/high quality “sustainable designs” with accessory dwelling units curated by local green building professionals,

  3. connecting projects to capable builders and investors,

  4. and facilitating disaster recovery funds.


Sustainable Designs

Design Concept by Levy Design Partners Inc.

Design Concept by Levy Design Partners Inc.



As a nonprofit, we are working to collect designs that we can offer to the public at little cost - saving homeowners and fire survivors as much as $80,000+ for typical home designs. In addition, they will have simple and elegant layouts, and they will be pre-priced by contractors - making them more affordable to construct.


These designs will emphasize energy and resource efficiency; aiming to surpass Title 24 codes. This will maximize homeowner equity and long-term savings - insulating the homes from volatile weather and utility rates.


Accessory Dwelling Units function as a form of insurance against foreclosure (or provide additional retirement income) with the ability to offer competitive rental units that can generate significant income. Moreover, they can offer additional living space for multigenerational living. And finally, they can provide housing in the midst of a severe housing crisis.


Steering Committee 

David Lawson.jpg


David Lawson is a long-time Sonoma County resident and the president/owner of Ironwood Builders, a design/build general contracting company experienced in many types of construction from new residences to historic restoration, remodeling and renovation.  David brought the initial group of local professional that make up our Rebuild Our Community program and steering committee.



Toby Levy is spearheading the effort to provide affordable, sustainable designs that will be offered through the Rebuild Our Community program.  Toby founded Levy Design Partners Inc. in 1979, which is a ten-person, woman-owned architecture firm based in San Francisco providing complete architectural services from conceptual design to construction administration.

Tony Nahas.jpg


Tony is direct­ing the EcoBlock project, an urban sus­tain­abil­ity exper­i­ment in Oak­land, CA. The project brings together a multi-disciplinary team of urban design­ers, engi­neers, social sci­en­tists, and pol­icy experts from UC Berke­ley, Lawrence Berke­ley National Labs, NASA Ames Research Cen­ter and Stan­ford Uni­ver­sity, as well as local grass­roots orga­ni­za­tions, non-profits, local util­i­ties PG&E & EBMUD, the City of Oak­land and the State of Cal­i­for­nia. The EcoBlock will demon­strate inte­grated solu­tions that dra­mat­i­cally reduce home and neigh­bor­hood GHG emis­sions, dra­mat­i­cally cut water con­sump­tion, recy­cle waste­water, enable organic urban food sys­tems, and pro­mote invest­ment in jobs, renew­ables and green infrastructure.

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Rich Brown is a research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in the Building Technologies and Urban Systems Division, where he has conducted research on energy use in buildings for over 20 years. He leads a team that is working to understand and develop solutions to address the growing energy use of electronics and miscellaneous equipment in buildings.

Sandy Robertson.jpeg


Dr. Robertson is a Senior Research Engineer and Lecturer in the Environmental Engineering and Science Program at Stanford University. He works in the areas of physical chemical processes for water and wastewater treatment as well as aquatic geochemistry.



Dori Estrella is the senior analyst with Sonoma County’s Energy and Sustainability Division. The central functions of the Division include tracking and reporting County operations’ internal utility services, facilitating reduction of internal greenhouse gas emissions, participating in regional coordination efforts, leveraging best practice and policy development efforts, educating the public about the benefits of upgrades, and offering workforce development opportunities.



Retired Clinical Research professional with over 20 years of experience managing complex international pharmaceutical development projects and programs. Roots in organizational development and child welfare advocacy.

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