The Revolving Community Loan Fund

Until recently, local stakeholders and impact investors were limited in their ablity to INVEST in community development projects and social programs due to the absence of nonprofit financial intermediaries.

That’s why California Community Lender Inc. has opened an Revolving Community Loan Fund (“Loan Fund”) as a conduit for financing for affordable housing, community facilities (schools, libraries, hospitals, etc.), sustainable development projects (accessory dwellings, multi-family, and “green”), and assisting communities who are rebuilding and recovering from disasters.

As a long-term, renewable, and public asset; the Loan Fund will be capable of organizing, leveraging, and deploying public and philanthropic funds.

Photo by AlexLMX/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by AlexLMX/iStock / Getty Images


Helping Communities Rebuild

Since the 2017 NorCal Firestorms, CCL’s team of development finance professionals has been working to organize offerings for stakeholders and mission-driven investors that support redevelopment projects in disaster affected communities.