Community Capital Stewardship

Our mission is to create opportunities for communities to invest within their own communities. We believe that the financial industry is in desperate need of local, grassroots innovation. Many of the decisions we make about how we build our homes, businesses, and communities are made by people and companies who don’t represent or understand the people living and working in those communities.

That’s why locals need more opportunities and resources to invest in local projects and programs that are impacting their communities. We believe that local businesses and investors are more connected/committed to the communities they do business/invest in. They are more likely to see and experience the impact of their contributions, investments, and entrepreneurial efforts. And they are more likely to stay dedicated through challenging times; supporting the businesses and communities they live and work in.

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Adrian Chorley M.B.A.

Founder | President & chief executive officer 

Adrian is a skilled real estate, construction, & mortgage banking executive with 30+ years experience in all facets of residential and commercial real estate. He’s acquired comprehensive experience in commercial lending, development financing, asset underwriting, and loan acquisition analysis. He’s a formerly licensed General Contractor and Real Estate Broker (FL) and current Commercial and Residential Real Estate/Mortgage Broker (CA).

Adrian began his career in in the Florida Keys as the owner/operator of a construction business while acquiring/managing several properties for his family in Key West. Then, in the early 2000’s, he transition to California and has built a career in real estate finance over the last 20 years. In 2016, Adrian enrolled in Sonoma State University to earn his MBA and shifted professional career into the nonprofit sector as the Director of Affordable Housing for California Human Development . | (707)-478-9524 | caldRE: 02061373 | NMLS: 1582445


Jeff Kelly M.B.A.

Founder | Chief Business Development officer 

Jeff has spent his career as a sustainable business professional assisting small businesses with banking, financing, and sustainable property upgrades.

In 2011, Jeff began his finance career in retail banking; successfully navigating several mergers and gaining extensive exposure to the diverse and numerous challenges that small businesses face in their daily operations - especially when accessing financing. Then in 2016, he transition to Sonoma County’s Energy and Sustainability Division to support public programs offering technical assistance to small businesses and financing for sustainable property upgrades. Simultaneously, he was pursuing his educational career, which expanded his background to incorporate disciplines such as energy management and sustainable design - it also inspired him to construct his own passive solar studio from a detached garage which he loves, and lives in, to this day.

He also joined the US Green Building Council - Redwood Empire Chapter as a board member in 2018 where he continues to advocate for green buildings and sustainable design. | (775) 720-9384 | CALDRE: 02076192 | NMLS: 1112757

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Scott Comerford J.D.

Founder | chief Legal Officer

Scott is a skilled attorney in practices such as civil litigation with emphasis on real estate law, construction litigation, premises liability, landlord tenant disputes, general liability and personal injury; including litigation on behalf of people who have been injured, as well as cases involving insurance claims, real estate and defective products. Since earning his Doctorate in Law in 2005, Scott has practiced at small law offices, national law firms, and an international insurance company, where he has litigated hundreds of diverse types of cases to successful resolution.

Aside from his private practice, Scott began contracting with the Northern California Fire Lawyers after the 2017 NorCal firestorms, where he has been working with dozens of fire survivors who are navigating the road to recovery.